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If Mildred Attended High School: Part 1 by StripedCheckers
If Mildred Attended High School: Part 1
This encapsulates Mildred's personality perfectly.

Sorry I haven't been posting much; first week of school got me like...

so only doodles for a while.

♥ this sweet cherub belongs to me 
Which one? by StripedCheckers
Which one?
So this isn't my best because I (stupidly) challenged myself to do a picture before I went to bed tonight

And I have school in the morning

The first day

It's also my birthday, hence the party horn/pencil La la la la 

And I don't know what's up with Millie's hair. Kinda reminds me of KyaryPamyuPamyu's Fashion Monster

Anyway, have this so I can go to sleep

♥ this sweet cherub belongs to me 
yoroshiku by StripedCheckers
feat. Rigby, the alien angel

so I started doodling my Pocketmini avatar and then this happened, idek

♥ this sweet cherub belongs to me 
i should be sleeping by StripedCheckers
i should be sleeping
Come on, now, Melanie: Mildred can't take ANYthing seriously.

♥ these sweet cherubs belong to me 

NOTE: I got the brushes to make the background from a user on DA, but since I downloaded it quite a while ago with no expectations to use it, I've lost the user's name. If you recognize the brush somehow, please let me know so I can credit their wonderful work.
    A few years ago, my parents got me a Wacom tablet for Christmas. Every break since then, I promised myself I'd draw a picture--digitally. The task was daunting, but I gave it a shot.

    And ended up putting away my tablet for several months.

    No matter what I tried in Photoshop, my lines always looked awkward and squiggly, not like the sharp, perfect lines I had seen everywhere online. I figured that that was my sign to stick to my traditional drawings, so that's what I did. I religiously drew pictures in my free time at school, as many as one every day, but, in the back of my mind, I still wanted to draw digitally.

    Just this summer, I started watching a lot of speed paints on Youtube. They had always fascinated me, the way the artists were able to (seemingly) effortlessly whip up a flawless drawing in a matter of minutes, but I doubted my ability to do the same. Through the speed paints, I learned that many professionals used Paint Tool SAI. At the time, I thought that it was the program I was using (not the experience, dedication, and drive) that was causing my drawings to look so awkward. So I downloaded Paint Tool SAI and managed to crack out two simple drawings before my free trial ran out.

    I was stuck. I felt like a kid who had always worn velcro shoes and had gotten the chance to wear lace-up shoes for the day--mature, but still afraid to leave the comfort of velcros. I was enticed and a little nervous at the prospect of trying another program. However, I really had no choice. Photoshop was sitting on my computer, collecting dust, and I wasn't about to pay money for a program I essentially already had. Mustering up all my courage, I opened Photoshop and laced up my shoes.

    I managed to do it. Well, not on the first try.

    My "first" digital drawing is still in the works, having ran out of inspiration to carry on with it. However, just yesterday, I whipped up "whisper" in only a few hours. I'm still running off the pride of that drawing today.

    Sure, I have a long way to go--I've never been too good at shading, and my lines are still a little wonky, but they're getting there--but I want to let everyone who's trepidatious about anything, be it drawing digitally or writing an essay, that the only thing truly standing in your way is the desire to be perfect and the doubt your final product will ever be. Nobody does something perfectly the first time; perfection is achieved over time. Even then, it is only an ideal. So instead of telling yourself "it's not good enough," say "it's good enough for now," and learn from the experience.

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